Masternode Pool API

GET api/MasternodePoolAPI/GetMasternodePools

No documentation available.

GET api/MasternodePoolAPI/GetPoolData?pool={pool}

Returns upto to the second pool data and earnings information

GET api/MasternodePoolAPI/GetPoolStatus?Pool={Pool}

Returns a quick status report by pool

GET api/MasternodePoolAPI/GetMasternodeBlocks?Pool={Pool}

Returns ALL Transactions for a given pool

GET api/MasternodePoolAPI/GetAllMasternodeBlocks

Returns every block for every pool, and will match the blockchain perfectly, it dont get more transparant than this folks.

GET api/MasternodePoolAPI/ValidateTransaction?TransactionId={TransactionId}

Validate transactions - Check to see if we have a transaction in our masternode database - Check responce carefully


Block Chain Data API

GET api/BlockchainAPI/GetBlockchainData?Coin={Coin}

Returns blockchain and connection information by coin

GET api/BlockchainAPI/GetAllBlockchainData

Returns all blockchain data for every wallet. This data is a max of 14 days deep, after that its archived


Alert Messages API

GET api/AlertMessages/GetAlertMessages

Returns All Active Alert Messages


Stake Mining API Controller

GET api/StakeAPI/GetStakePoolData?Pool={Pool}

Returns stake pool data, current round etc

GET api/StakeAPI/GetStakePools?Pool={Pool}

Stake Pools

GET api/StakeAPI/GetStakeTransactionsByPool?Pool={Pool}

Stake transacions by pool

GET api/StakeAPI/GetAllStakeTransactions

Get all stake transactions